Ready. Set. Go. / by Anthony Nguyen


Welcome to iteration number three of my photography website! They say that the third time's the charm, right? Please forgive the dust and din while I put on the finishing touches over the next few weeks. In refreshing the look of my website, I wanted to arrange my various photographic interests to make it easier to find.

As to the purpose of this blog - if you have explored the new website you will notice that I didn't tell you much about "who i am." My images may tell you how I see the world, but besides my passion for telling stories through photographs, this blog is the most natural outlet to let you discover what shapes me and in turn my photographic style. Plus, if I stick to photography topics only, it might be too boring (for me) to write on a consistent basis. Maybe it'll be a post (photography related or not) about the Chicago streets or my adventures at a comic convention or Star Wars vs. Star Trek. I'd like to use this as a journal. Or just a forum for me to wax philosophic about what I ate for lunch. All accompanied by some image or another.

On the website you'll find some of my personal projects in "the light fantastic." You'll also find galleries on geek life (cosplay and pop culture) in all its glory or travels to exotic locales (or not). So please drop by as often as you'd like.

Who knows what you may read on a weekly basis? But that's the fun part of it all!