Hunter | Baby (6 month) Session / by Anthony Nguyen

Hunter at his 6 month baby session. What a gorgeous smile and obviously he was much more active than his newborn session! Completely at ease, especially with some of his closest and favorite "friends" in the session with him. We're rapidly approaching his first birthday this summer and I can't wait to capture those memories for Hunter and his family!


Technical details. Again I shot this session pretty wide open keeping it around f/1.4 to 2.8. I prefer creamy bokeh for most of my images. Of course if there is a background element that is integral to the story I'm telling for a particular image then I'll stop down for the sharp depth of field.

This home has massive windows and those created fantastic catchlights. A catchlight is a light source that causes a highlight in a subject's eye in an image. This adds some "life" to the eyes by giving a sense of depth and dimension. Position the subject so that they are either directly looking at the window or the window is letting in light to one side of the face.