Hunter | Baby (1st Birthday) Session by Anthony Nguyen


Hunter's perfect "cap" to his Year in the Life collection - from newborn to six month and now his first birthday session! What a gorgeous smile, looking dapper on the lakefront! Moving out to the west coast, Hunter and Mom and Dad wanted a session to capture the essence of Chicago. Lake Michigan and our fantastic skyline view from Olive Park provided the perfect backdrop.


I had to bring the family to Molly's Cupcakes to finish the session. Cozy and fun location, plus the cupcakes are always delicious! 


Hunter | Baby (6 month) Session by Anthony Nguyen

Hunter at his 6 month baby session. What a gorgeous smile and obviously he was much more active than his newborn session! Completely at ease, especially with some of his closest and favorite "friends" in the session with him. We're rapidly approaching his first birthday this summer and I can't wait to capture those memories for Hunter and his family!


Technical details. Again I shot this session pretty wide open keeping it around f/1.4 to 2.8. I prefer creamy bokeh for most of my images. Of course if there is a background element that is integral to the story I'm telling for a particular image then I'll stop down for the sharp depth of field.

This home has massive windows and those created fantastic catchlights. A catchlight is a light source that causes a highlight in a subject's eye in an image. This adds some "life" to the eyes by giving a sense of depth and dimension. Position the subject so that they are either directly looking at the window or the window is letting in light to one side of the face. 

Courtney + Shaun | Maternity by Anthony Nguyen

What a fun time had during this in-home maternity session! Wonderfully large windows that let in a lot of natural light, plus fantastic decorating scheme, contemplated the neutral color palette Courtney and Shaun selected.

Technical - In-home sessions, when the outdoors is not cooperating - and on this particular day, it was chilly and windy, not a good combination for an expectant mother - are my preference over in-studio sessions. The home provides a level of comfort and familiarity for the family, so that when we start the session the family can be in a relaxed state. I always recommend that clients stay with neutral solid colors - patterns tend to distract from the focus of the image - the family. Another thing I look for in my sessions are items around the home that highlight the home setting, whether a book or a comfortable pillow. 


May the 4th | Geek Life by Anthony Nguyen

May the 4th be with you!

Here are some images from a C2E2 2017 cosplay session recently. I know I haven't added to the blog in some time, hopefully that will change soon. I do find the cosplay sessions quite rewarding as a creative addition to my wedding, baby, and portrait work. Look for more cosplay sessions here, as I am working my way through getting the images ready for viewing.

As for this wonderful Disney Star Wars mashup group - from Snow White to Reyfiki to Darth Jafar - I had a blast! Looking forward to more creative outputs like this! The full collection of images can be viewed here


Suzanne + Pedro: Historia de amor | Wedding at Public Chicago by Anthony Nguyen

When two souls...have finally found each other...a union, fiery and pure as they themselves...begins on earth and continues forever in heaven.
— Victor Hugo

Congratulations to Suzanne + Pedro for their beautiful wedding at one of the chic Gold Coast luxury hotels: the Public Chicago. Suzanne + Pedro were such a fun-loving couple during their Olive Park engagement session that I knew their wedding day would be equally fantastic - and was it! From including their beloved dog Lilly to la hora loca completing the night, Suzanne + Pedro's wedding was full of love and passion.

Thank you Suzanne + Pedro for allowing me to capture your wedding day. All the best in the next chapter of your wonderful love story!

Slideshow music: Mi Ancla by Mindy Gledhill


An engraved message on the inner band of Pedro's ring from Suzanne - "El amor de mi vida."

Love these images of Suzanne before we head out for The Reveal.


Lilly looks at Suzanne adoringly.

Pedro looks dashing.


The Reveal.


I love this image in the main lobby of the hotel - a gorgeous couple!


Emotions walking down the aisle.

La Hora Loca!

Last dance of the night and the couple looks fabulous.

A kiss to end the night.

Venue: Public Chicago
Day-of-coordinating: Dee McCord from I Do Events Chicagoland
Stylist & MUA: Patricia Fardon
Ceremony Musician: Michael Kleinerman
DJ & Reception Music: Carlos Avila from A-List DJs